Development cooperation with Morocco

Project English school, which we are executing in Morocco, is included in the category of development cooperation, global learning and humanitarian aid to socially handicapped children in Morocco.
In September 2010 Society UP has signed a contract regarding development cooperation and humanitarian aid with organization Basma Meknes (Association Basma pour ceuvres sociales Meknes) from Morocco. The strategic plan of development cooperation is focused in education for all. We have started a project called English school (language through curriculum) which is being held in the premises of Basma organization, twice a week, for two hours, every Wednesday and Friday between 20.30-21-30. English school is led by professor of English language, Mr. Hayat Filal.

Values linked to this projects vision are:

- mutual respect, that will be shown with the acceptance of being different
- mutual cooperation, which is a condition in order to achieve goals of everyone involved
- friendship which will be strengthened through cooperation, stimulation and respect

We gather all the prepositions to improve our project by observing the work of participants in the educational process.

Systematic approach leading to improvement includes:

- written and oral reports
- informal and formal conversation between workers in the organization Basma
- a survey of participants in the educational process
- E-mail.

Development cooperation with Morocco Development cooperation with Morocco Development cooperation with Morocco

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