For children in Cazin / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Society Up has joined and international project Children to children, in which we will, in cooperation with Society Helping with open harts (Pomagajmo odprtih src) from Murska Sobota and the Humanitarian society Nafaka, bring joy to the children from Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
With much international experience that we have in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have gladly responded to an invitation from Society Helping with open hearts, Murska Sobota, to collaborate in the international project Children to children, held December 24th and 25th 2012 in Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A two day program will have the following activities:
12/24/2012 at 10.00 A round table on the subject: The real state estimation of socially deprived families in the community of Cazin- searching for suitable solutions (diverting in to hand craft work, cultivation, etc., selling products in foreign market…)

12/24/2012 at 18.00 A lecture: Islam and poverty

12/24/2012 at 19.00 The opening of international exhibition of painters and artists (charity auction) from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Germany etc..

12/25/2012 at 18.00
A performance of KUD from Bosnia and Slovenia, singers from Bosnia, presenting gifts to the children: Children to children ( taking part in it are: elementary schools from Slovenia, societies, KUD, Islamic communities around the world, entrepreneurs, artists, creators,…)

For this purpose we will, until December 15th, be gathering the following: school supplies, candy, toys and children’s clothing. For more information please contact our coordinator on her e-mail: #EM#65656b6d652b6b62606069257f6462666351757e757c7a397b7677#EM# . She and the other volunteers will also be doing field work and assessing the real state of socially deprived families in Cazin.
Let us make this winter days better and bring back the children of Cazin their childhood.
For children in Cazin / Bosnia and Herzegovina For children in Cazin / Bosnia and Herzegovina

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