"Happy bear" in South-East Asia

Humanitarian Charity Organization Up has launched a new project in June 2013. We are very excited to inform you that we will be sponsoring school expenses for poor children in South East Asia, starting with Philippines. Project is called »Happy Bear«. Bear is a strong, fast animal that also lives in Slovenian forest. We want to help kids in Philippines through education to become strong and efficient like bears.
We will sponsor children's school expenses and closely monitor their attendance and grades. Back to school project is all about giving an opportunity to kids who never went to school before. We have successfully enrolled two kids into Abellana Elementary School in Cebu City. Their names are Mohammad and Abdul Gani Sarip, they are brothers. More kids will join them in next weeks.

Simultenously, we are working on agreement with Habitat of Humanity Philippines (regional office Davao /Caraga) in Mindanao on 10 more kids to be enrolled into Elemntary School. We expect agreement to be signed in next two weeks.

We will regularly publish reports on their progress and our sponsorships. So far, all costs are covered through personal funds.

If you want to help these kids, please generously donate through Pay Pal to our email address
#EM#696f646c4470762a626c796e62646d6a3e7e6074#EM# or you can transfer funds to our bank account SI56 0318 6100 0301 790, opened at SKB d.d., Ajdovscina 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We will also publish all our activities at Facebook group »Happy Bear«. For any question, please contact us at #EM#696f646c4470762a626c796e62646d6a3e7e6074#EM#.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Dr. Ahmed Pasic
Project Manager for South-East Asia

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