Development cooperation with Kosovo

The Humanitarian Charity Society UP Jesenice is striving to improve social circumstances in Kosovo.
Society UP Jesenice has been active in the area of Kosovo since 2007, where it caries out humanitarian and development activities in cooperation with numerous non-governmental organization in Kosovo (mutual cooperation). Basic goal is eradication of poverty and social exclusiveness, especially of women and children.

We are helping 12 elementary schools in Kosovo, three orphanages and Centre for protection of Women and Children in Prishtina.

Activities that benefit children in Kosovo are one of the key priorities of Society UP in the field of humanitarian activities and assurance of international development assistance.
In years 2007-2011 we have helped approximately 300 children that have suffered the consequences of war and its harsh social circumstances, with clothing, shoes and school supplies.

Development cooperation with Kosovo Development cooperation with Kosovo Development cooperation with Kosovo

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