Open doors

Open doors is a project intended to raise awareness and empower women to break the violence and abuse within and outside of the family (2011-2012).
Slovenian philanthropy is a national coordinator of the project, led by an organization Omega from Graz. Four other national coordinators, from four countries are involved in the project (besides Slovenia and Austria there is also England, Greece, Czech Republic and Romania). In each country we organize a group of sixteen women with migrating background (from at least four national groups), which every month participate in four hour lecture on the subject of violence (definition and theory of violence, ways to react, rights and possibilities, empowering…). Once a month, for two hours, these women then transfer this knowledge to twenty other women from there national group. In this way we empower and qualify ninety-six women that then transfer this knowledge forward in there social network. In one year we will carry out twelve lectures on the subject of violence and empowerment, and we also plan to make a brochure in different languages, that will inform women of there rights and possibilities, who to turn to for help, what are there social rights (regarding divorce, status- some women have rights to resign in a country given on the spouses status, employment/unemployment) and other subjects which will be implemented within the lectures.

Society UP has organized lectures on the subject of violence once a month, for ten selected candidates.
Open doors Open doors Open doors

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