Simbioz@ is an all-Slovenian volunteering project that will be going on second year in a row and will again connect two generations. The purpose of the project is achieving and rising computer literacy of seniors through cooperation between generations. Young people will be leading a computer workshop from 15th until 19th October 2012. Workshops will be led in libraries, schools, senior homes throughout Slovenia where they will be able to learn basic computer skills. This kind of inter-generation cooperation will be an opportunity worth to experience and remember.
Simbioz@ is the largest volunteering project, organized by Ypsilon Institute, founded on inter-generation cooperation, solidarity and encouragement of lifelong learning. During the week from 15th and 19th October, young people will have free workshops all over Slovenia, where they will try to inspire older generations to use computers and internet. The main purpose of the project is: enabling to the elderly a positive experience with the computer, encourage and boost their self-confidence and motivate them to further learn how to use computers and internet. With this we wish to participate to a higher level of computer literacy amongst seniors in Slovenia. According to the statistics from SURS, 90% of population, over 65 years of age have never used a computer or internet, which is above EU average.

Whit this project we wish to encourage more then 200.000 young and more then 300.000 seniors to volunteer and encourage the elders to be involved in to lifelong learning and by doing so raise the quality of there lives. Within the frames of our learning module, seniors will learn basic functions of the computer, they will learn how to search information on the internet and use other free communication tools, above all the use of e-mail. Application of volunteers and seniors from the community of Jesenice, will be led by our coordinator from Society UP Jesenice, Edina Mehić Silić.

Edina Mehić Silić

Tel.: 051 273 051 or E-mail: #EM#65656b6d652b6b62606069257f6462667351757e757c7a397b7677#EM#, #EM#696f646c4470762a626c796e62646d6a3e7e6074#EM#.
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