Make a child happy

Our volunteer Savina Goličnik came up with a great idea through which we will make children in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Cazin) and Kosovo (Prishtina) happy for at least one day. International development cooperation Society UP classifies with priority goals, through which we take care of the most vulnerable group, children. This time we will bring joy to 100 children.
By the initiative of our volunteer Savina Goličnik we have decided to surprise children from rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in a very special way. The idea for the project came up while ‘’surfing’’ the net. On the website of the organization in which our idea project leader has been involved in during the volunteer work in SAF (SAEP), an interesting project was presented, and we wonted to somehow include it in Slovenian space, of course in lesser extent.

- For the project Children to children, 30 boxes will be sent to Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina

- 38 boxes will be given to children that are victims of war in Kosovo (Podujev)

- 30 boxes will be given to children that are victims of war in Kosovo (Prishtina)

- 14 boxes will be given to children from the program Distance child adoption in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Presentation of gifts will be carried out through these steeps:

1. Find an empty shoe box

We all have an empty shoe box lying around somewhere in a closet, storage or basement. If not there is always someone we know who has one and is willing to give it to us, or we can just go to a nearby shoe store (surely they will give you a spare shoe box without you needing to by new shoes).

2. Decorate the box

Wrap the box in a way that the lid and the box are wrapped separately. For safety purposes all the boxes will be checked out. Be creative, recycle an old paper, decorate the box with pictures, drawings, stickers.  This way you will create a unique box, that can be as some kind of treasure chest of thing you hold dear for years to come. Give the box your unique stile, a mark or a signature and your gift box to a specific child will hold a part of you.

3. Fill the box with gifts

Please keep in mind to fill the box with items that are either new or in great condition and above all child appropriate.

4. Every box should have:

SOMETHING TO ‘’CUDLE OR PLAY WITH’’: teddy bear, doll..
SOMETHING FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE: soap, shower gel, towel
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pencils, crayons, erasers, coloring books, books

More about the project on: Registration on this website is required:

The boxes will be collected in the headquarters of Society UP; Sp. Plavž 24e, Jesenice during 12/13/2012 and 12/19/2012, from 16.00-18.00. For additional information please contact our coordinator Savina Goličnik by E-mail #EM#7360746a6a642860676563686264654f777c737a783b757875#EM# or by phone: 040 727 817.

Let us point out that these gift boxes will be handed out to Muslim children who are not familiar with Santa Claus, but we will take an opportunity to brighten at least one day in this cold December days.
Make a child happy Make a child happy Make a child happy Make a child happy

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