Let yourselves be pampered and experience a positive makeover

Experience a positive makeover, offered to you by Society UP, Jesenice and Hairstyle embassy, Petar Marjanac s.p.
In Society UP, where we focus our work helping vulnerable individuals and groups, we have joined forces with a renowned hairstylist Petar Marjanac, from Hairstyle embassy in Jesenice and offered our users a path to personal satisfaction and success. This time we will offer makeovers to young mums, students, unemployed, emigrants, socially deprived individuals, those that can not afford this kind of luxury or pampering. Every month, one will be chosen and given a complete hair makeover. If you want to be a part of a new makeover in a year 2013, please write to us.

Send us your motivational letter on #EM#696f646c4470762a626c796e62646d6a3e7e6074#EM# or call 031 569 340 and we will inform you what to do next.

Every other month, we will also visit the elderly, invalids and others that are not mobile because of their state. This way we will bring joy to those whose life obstacles disabled them to walk towards the path of personal success.

A reporter for the newspaper Jeseniške novice and Gorenjski glas, will be fallowing the project throught the year.
Let yourselves be pampered and experience a positive makeover

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