Demonstrations for justice and peace in free Palestine

Monday, November 26th, at 16.00 on the Congress Square (Kengresni trg), Ljubljana.
The idea to demonstrate was encouraged by the last attack of Israeli armed forces on the people of Gaza over the last few days which really shows an ongoing Israeli aggression and state terrorism. The purpose of the demonstration is showing support to the Palestinians and pointing out the disagreement with a long and unjust Israeli occupation and harsh violation of human rights. The Israeli occupation politics, apartheid and war crimes have been going on not just with the direct use of force but also with the help and support received from international communities, especially USA and EU.

Israel is an occupying force on the West Bank of Gaza and in the East Jerusalem and for that they have to acknowledge and respect the fourth Geneva Convention which states the rules of control over the occupied people. Building settlements on the confiscated Palestinian lands is a war crime according to the Geneva Convention, for it forbids migration of civilians on occupied lands. However, the international community stays hypocritical in their relation towards Israel and with signing various trading agreements indirectly enables financing the occupation.

We believe that Slovenia should fully support Palestinian effort to be recognized by the UN and be accepted in all the international organizations, including with and above all in the International Court. Slovenian dedicated respect for the international low and persecution of war crimes should not be left unheard when it comes to oppression, persecution and violence over the Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and those in exile.
On the demonstrations, held on Monday 11/26/2012 at 16.00,Congress Square (Kongresni trg), Ljubljana, we will demand:

- to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and blockage of Gaza
- for Israel to stop carrying out war crimes over the Palestinians including with expropriation and killing civilians
- for Slovenia and EU to end priority economical partnership with Israel until they start obeying and respecting the rules of international law
- for Slovenia and international communities recognizing Palestine as an independent country

Demonstration will be carried out peacefully and are registered at proper authorities. We ask all the participants not to use offensive words or hostile speech and not to encourage violence.
The Demonstrations are organized by Institute Nur, society Humanitas, Zofijas Lovers and BDS campaign ,and are carried out within the sphere of Cultural embassy of Palestine. We wish to give a chance for the Palestinian stories and voices to be heard and seen beyond the things we are used to hear and see. Barbara Robida will be speaking as a representative for Society UP Jesenice.
Demonstrations for justice and peace in free Palestine Demonstrations for justice and peace in free Palestine Demonstrations for justice and peace in free Palestine Demonstrations for justice and peace in free Palestine

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