Children draw love

By the invite of LU Institute ( we will be drawing love. With the children of the World we have joined an international project ''Children draw love''.
Children in Slovenia and in many other countries around the world will be drawing on the theme of Love and will also incorporate their thoughts about love, associated with children and all of us around the world. All the finished products will be sent to our address (Društvo UP, Sp.Plavž 24e, 4270 Jesenice) and we will then forward them to LU Institute. We have children from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina joining us. The drawings will be collected up until December 25th 2012.

At the end of the project the LU Institute will exchange the drawings and the thoughts with all the included nursery schools/children around the world, publish them on the website, Facebook network and inform the media.
The goal is to connect the children with expressions, products and energy, to think about Love and at the same time show them how other children elsewhere in the world think about it. The purpose is crushing the administrative boundaries, prejudice, and stereotypes and connecting the youngest around the world. Love is like a universal energy, it’s own and common to all religions and philosophies around the world. It is the connecting link of the whole Planet and altogether fate that we share. For this reason we wish to strengthen, especially amongst the children, who are our common future. In the end some drawings will be selected and printed out on t-shirts, we will prepare an exhibition of gathered drawings and all the involved children, nursery schools and orphanages will be given a title AMBASADORS OF LOVE.
Until now the project has supported:

- Music band Zabranjeno pušenje,
- A model and a TV host as well as a fighter for breast cancer awareness Jana Koteska,
- Anita Ogulin from Slovenian association of friends of youth
- Mojca Gayen, School for underprivileged children and orphanages in Indija
- Jana Dular, Society ELA
- Duška Mamut, that hosts nursery schools with gongs and sound
- Haris Omanović from House of Joy
- Faila Pašić Bišić, ambassador of the EU Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion


Children draw love Children draw love

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