Intercultural dialogue in slovenian schools

Humanitarian Charity Society UP Jesenice is investing much effort to promote intercultural dialogue as a way of life. This means to raise awareness that intercultural dialogue is a part of our everyday life. Intercultural topics, of course, are not only talked about – our very life is intercultural and we need to be conscious of this.

The prevalent understanding of integration in Slovenia is manifesting itself in a strong emphasis on the need of children of immigrated families to learn Slovene language as soon as possible and accept the customs of their new social environment, as well as in a little readiness of the home pupils to get to know and to accept the culture of the immigrant child. Consequently, an impression is created that the space for a discussion about the mutual readiness for multi-cultural cohabitation is significantly limited. According to the experts, the immigrant children should have had a right to a much higher level of disturbed behaviour than that which they actually manifest. Language barriers, issues with settling-in, and the occasionally unwelcome reception by their fellow pupils or even by teachers are making successful learning more difficult. Immigrant children (later) often make their social environment more comfortable by behaving in ways which are expected of them. Projects which we are conducting in pre-schools, primary schools and high schools across Slovenia are focused on getting to know different cultures. As an opportunity for creating an open, dynamic, tolerant and diverse society, knowing the differences among cultures is realized in a most pristine way by getting to know the actual people, who are members and in this context also ambassadors of their cultures. We are facilitating relaxed conversations, interactive workshops and social games. We answer many questions asked by children in relation to Islam, to the position of a Muslim woman in Slovenia, problems of discrimination, advantages of diversity and tolerance, and establishing the equal opportunities for all. The goal of this project is to facilitate and encourage wide-ranging discussions about the advantages which diversity brings to European societies, and to inform people about their rights to equal treatment and to a life without discrimination – irrespective of sex, race, nationality, religion, worldview, disability or age. 
Intercultural dialogue in slovenian schools Intercultural dialogue in slovenian schools Intercultural dialogue in slovenian schools

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